Current Project: Building a ecologically sustainable "tiny home" in Vermont.

We are currently soliciting donations to acquire a modest plot of land in Woodstock, Vermont. Once the land has been
purchased, we will build a "tiny home," a very small yet habitable house 1/7th the square footage of a typical American
home.  The construction will require minimal initial investment, and will serve as a regional model for a scaled back,
non-materialistic, sustainable dwelling and way of life.  Not only will the home serve as a function, sustainable dwelling, it
will be constructed with an artistic (almost "magical") design in mind. Thoreau inspired us with his modest cabin in the
woods beside Walden. We hope that our dream of constructing a this type of dwelling in the woods of Vermont will
become a reality, and will provide inspiration to live a modest, sustainable, nature-based lifestyle.
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Who we are: We is actually one person. My name is Joshua Powers and I live in apartment in
Massachusetts. I've always wanted to live in Woodstock, Vermont, a quintessential New
England small town.  Unfortunately, I do not have the means to buy anything myself, so I am
hoping to find a few generous souls who may wish to help someone's dream come true.

Why a tiny house instead of a big one? Well, I'm a pretty modest person and don't feel a need
to live in something unnecessarily large. I don't have many material possessions at all and
don't like to waste natural and man-made resources. I think a small house in the woods would
encourage a earthy lifestyle, an idea which appeals to me. I hope my dream comes true!

How much capital is required? $99K for the land and less for the construction. My guess is
$150k, roughly. If I get close to my fundraising goal, I can finalize costs with the builder.

Contact Joshua at if you have questions

Thanks so much for reading! And many thanks and blessings to anyone who donates to my